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  • Agama Acrylics paints

    Agama acrylics paints can be painted or sprayed onto a wide variety of materials including plastic, paper, wood, glass, metal and expanded polystyrene. The colours give an even consistency and have a glossy or silk matt surface, drying in 10-15 minutes. For easier application we recommend using Agama water based acrylic thinner and Agama Retarder. The colours do not affect the surface that they are used on, even if this surface has been painted with other brands. Water based acrylics can be cleaned from paintbrushes and airbrushes easily with Agama alcohol thinner. At present over 200 shades are offered in the Acrylic range but in due course Agama will add all of the shades from the large colour chart that are currently available as enamels.

  • Agama Alcohol paints

    Alcohol based colours are distinct from Agama two classical types of colours in several ways: they dry in 15-20 minutes, they will never clog in the airbrush nozzle, they can be cleaned from brushes, airbrushes or even models themselves with pure alcohol and have an unlimited shelf-life. Dried alcohol based colours can be dissolved with thinner. We currently offer approximately 120 shades in 10ml plastic bottles in the Alcohol Based range but are slowly expanding the variety of shades produced

  • Agama Enamels paints

    Agama enamel paints are Humbrol enamel like. Over 330 shades of classic enamels. The authentic series contains shades used as camouflage colours on airplanes, AFV´s, uniforms and trains from the First World War to present. The 300 plus colours represent all the shades in our easy reference colour chart. It is generally well known amongst modelers that the quality of enamel colours is unequalled and due to this they will always have a place in any good modeler’s inventory.

  • Agama metallic pastes

    A series of pastes that can be diluted with their corresponding thinner. They give an accurate metallic finish. It is recommended that they are polished on to the desired surface with a cloth or soft brush.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 174 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 174 items