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Supermarine Stranraer - 1/72 kit

Supermarine Stranraer - 1/72 kit Zobrazit větší


Výrobce: Revell

1/72 plastic kit

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The original:
The seventeen Stranraer flying boats aircraft were the last large maritime biplanes from the production line to enter service with the Royal Air Force (April 1937). Due to its size, the Stranraer was able to carry ancillary equipment allowing the aircraft and its crew to operate longer and further from its Main Operating Base. Its defensive armament consisted of three Lewis Machine Guns. Because of its long range it was deployed to combat surface shipping and on anti-submarine patrols. The last RAF Stranraer was withdrawn from active service in 1941. The 40 Stranraer's built in 1937 for the Royal Canadian Air Force saw service throughout whole of World War 2.


The model:
- Period Mouldings (ex Matchbox)
- Textured Surfaces
- Pilot Figure
- Rotating Propeller
- Rear stabilizer with Separate Rudder
- Struts
- Detailed Discardable Under-Carriage
- 3 Machine-Gun Positions with Gunners
- Tail Support Truck for movement on Land

Decals for 2 RAF versions:
- Supermarine Stranraer, No.240 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Stranraer, Scotland, January 1941
- Supermarine Stranraer, No.228 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Pembroke Dock, Wales, November 1983

  • Měřítko: 1/72
  • Epocha: Druhá sv. válka